A Place For Ruth


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THIS IS THE TRUE STORY about Ruth, a German Mennonite girl raised in Nazi Germany. Near the end of WW II, Ruth, her mother, and Ruth’s siblings became refugees in Denmark for three and a half years before being reunited with their father. During some of that time, they did not know if their father was dead or alive. In fact, for a time he was actually a prisoner of war because he had been an SS officer in Hitler’s Third Reich. When the family was finally reunited, they were destitute, penniless, and needed to find a new place to call home.

It is also a story about the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and the work it accomplished in war torn Europe after World War II. Without care packages sent through MCC, the Reimer family would likely not have survived. For almost 100 years, MCC has help displaced people find a place to call home.

This story includes one family who gave to the Reimer family- the Daniel S. Bontrager family of Goshen, Indiana- who invested through many letters and care packages to an unknown (to them) refugee family in Germany- and the difference their care made for this family. With six children of their own, they continued to correspond with the Reimer family and to ask for specific ways they could help with their needs. They sent packages after packages for many years in the name of Christ.

The story includes PAX, a volunteer  program for conscientious objectors during and after the war. Through the PAX program, lives were changed and restored. Restoration happened, not only in providing housing for refugees, but in encouraging a future hope as well.

Most importantly, this is a story about Jehovah God. As Ruth learned, He never leaves us nor forsake us. As Ruth has experienced when we belong to Him, no matter where we go, we have found a place where we belong- a place we can truly call home.



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