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Do you or your children suffer from ADHD, autism, allergies, asthma, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, SIBO, or some other inflammatory or autoimmune disorder? Are you looking for an alternative to medication? Did you know diet can be a large contributing factor to many of the conditions listed above? Diet can also be a means of reversing these conditions.

Ruth Shirk, mother of 8, has spent hours of research and time in the kitchen looking for ways to help her children’s health challenges without using medication. The single most contributing factor that has helped them overcome some of these challenges is DIET.

In this book Ruth has taken something that can be complicated and made it simple and easy. Many of the recipes are original with her or have been revised and made “healthy” to fit the challenges listed above. They reflect her taste for the Amish and Mennonite foods she grew up with but are healthy and delicious.


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