Angels At The Till


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Will God provide and protect in time?

“Give me all de money! Put it all in de bag!” They were shouting with authority and holding open a pale green shopping bag. How could i disobey? Without a word, I opened the till, took out all the notes I had, and placed them in their bag. “Any cigarettes, no?” One of them asked hoarsely. I shook my head and bravely smiled up at their pillowcase covered faces. As quickly as they came, they were gone again, slamming their car doors and peeling rubber onto the road in their hurry to escape.

But we were not the only ones at the scene. When I look back in my mind’s eye on the scene, I can clearly see and feel the presence of six tall angels….

Page after page, Angels at The Till, will keep your attention as you witness the hand of God working in the lives of His faithful servants. Travel around the world- from Kenya, to Ireland, to the USA, to Romania- as stories are told of God’s providence.


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