Bears, Prayers and Airplanes


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This book is a full years worth of the Snader family’s life in Alaska and includes many first for him. Matt and Marlene both start taking flying lessons, Matt shoots his first moose (which turns out to be illegal), and the family buys a stretched H2 Hummer.

The church startup they are involved with, River of Fellowship, buys a building which moves the church out of Matt’s basement. Unfortunately, the new church building is broken into and vandalized, not once, but twice! The church burglary takes an unexpected twist when the suspect is found sleeping behind the church in an ancient RV on Sunday morning.

Also included are several hunting accounts, one in which the Snaders travel to the remote town of Cordova, Alaska, with the Shaw family. Between the two families they take 17 children along on the trip. The hunting trip is successful despite several incidents with the boat, one serious enough to require repairs. Another time the boat is stranded by the tide for several hours.

Matt buys a 239 Acre campground and finds out renting cabins to people is harder than it looks. There are also multiple failed boating incidents with the infamous Doesn’t Leak, one in which the Homer Harbormaster calls Matt and informs him his boat is sinking in the harbor. This book is fun reading for the entire family.


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