Farming With Father


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When the rooster cock-a-doodle-doos in the morning, Henry is soon out of bed and ready for another day on the farm- His favorite place to live.

He never knows what a day will bring forth. Surprises, breakdowns, unexpected trips to town, and various emergency situations keep each new day different from the day before.

Knowing that his father depends on him to do his part of the work, to do it well, and to do it when it should be done challenges him to stick to his responsibilities whether he feels like it or not.

When Henry finds himself facing an emergency and a crisis alone, he remembers he is actually not alone, but that God is with him, so he prays to God for help.

Henry learns that God does indeed hear and answers prayers. When the story is finished, it has become real to him that farming is a partnership- a partnership between him, his father, and most importantly with God.

An interesting story of one of Henry’s days on the farm.

Written in a easy to read, poetry with good rhyme and rhythm that will appeal to children and readers of all ages.


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