Ink On His Fingers Story Cd


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Disc 1:

The Mysterious Bundle
Secret Partner
Unwilling Apprentice
Innocent or Guilty?

Disc 2:

Surprise Discovery
Future Unknown
The Sacrifice
Man in Debt

Disc 3:

Unspoken Threat
The Search
The Devil’s Workshop
Justice By Law

When Hans was marched into Johann Gutenberg’s workshop, he did not understand what he was seeing. A printing press with movable type. Hans soon discovered they suspected him of stealing type.

When Banker Fust came to see Mother. He said Father had borrowed a large sum of money to lend to a friend. Since Father had died in the spring, Banker Fust wanted the money back. To earn the money Hans must drop out of Latin school. This meant Hans would lose his dream of copying the Bible.

Unless…Unless Hans could find Father’s secret friend! Through his search Hans met many perplexing people. Many of them had two faces. Whom could he trust?


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