Just Thirteen


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Pansy took one last breath of the tangy air and closed the window with a bang. ” Glorious fall!” She exulted. ” Autumn without a doubt, is the most wonderful time of the year. It makes me feel able to do anything.”

A few minutes later, downstairs in the kitchen, she announces exuberantly to her family, ” I feel it in my bones that today something great is going to happen.”

Something did happen. In fact, Pansy is the type of girl who seems to make things happen, although at this particular time, someone else brought the happening to pass.

But not all of Pansy’s days are as exciting as that day was. Consider this excerpt: Pansy sat limply on the stone porch step, wishing herself thousand of miles away,….- anywhere but on the Laurel Farm in Ohio.

Pansy has just turned thirteen, and realizes that since she is now a teenager, she is on the 2way to growing up,- and growing up means becoming a lady. But she is sure she is never going to be the kind of lady that she should be.

Her thirteenth year is an exciting and busy one with family fun and activities, school troubles and successes, and Christian parents to guide and steer Pansy through all that happens. An ideal situation for a lively girl who is- Just Thirteen.

Good reading for 12-15 year olds


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