Motherhood Trials And Blessings


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At last your wedding day arrives. Reverently, and yet eagerly, you promise the vows to become one. Oh, the joy of those first weeks of getting to know each other as husband and wife. And then, one day you find you can’t eat, because you saw and smelled the food cooking. What’s going on?

Soon just the thought of food turns your stomach, and you’re weak from eating little and throwing up often. You turn your face to the wall when your dear husband comes into the room, for fear that just the sight (or smell) of him may cause you to lose it.

This unpleasant reality is not what you were dreaming of when you said “I Do,” but its here and must be coped with. Pause a minute and ponder. Here, in the deepest expressions of your love and devotion lies the cause of this illness- a wee soul bestowed by God himself. Where else could be a better place for the beginning of a child- nowhere but in the middle of hearts full of love!


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