Rosy Meets God


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Two big tears roll down Rosy's cheeks. The little white care goes up the hill and down. It takes Rosy farther and farther away from the big white house where she had lived with the other foster children.

The white car goes up and down another hill and around a curve,… and there is a tan house with brown shutters! There is a big tree with a swing. And Rosy feels afraid.

"This will be your new home," the tall lady says. She puts her arm around Rosy. "The kind man will be your papa, and the sweet lady will be your mama. They love little girls."

"I'll never love them," Rosy thinks. "Cause I'll soon have to leave again." But Rosy does not say anything. Fear and sadness fill her life, and she does not understand the feelings in her own heart.

But God has something better for Rosy. He loves Rosy, and He knows what she needs. He knows that the kind man and the sweet lady will help Rosy learn about God and find rest in His love.


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