The Last Flight Of The Limo


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In this book, Matt grapples with the issue of how to deal with his aging, camouflage limousine. A series of breakdowns makes him realize it was probably time to put the old car out to pasture. Ever the practical minimalist, he decided to send the car out with a bang, instead of just quietly letting it rot away. The limo is scheduled to be launched off a 300 foot high cliff at the Glacier View Car Launch, in Glacier View, Alaska.

The Limo launch encounters a few glitches, the worst one being the car breaking down right before it headed down the launch track. Without power to head down the track, the car wouldn’t fly over the ramp! For one last time, the limo was coaxed to start.

Of course, there was more to the past year than just flinging cars over cliffs. Matt finds a whale washed up on the shore of Turnagain Arm, although it was dead and smelled dreadful.

The Crossroads Mennonite Church Youth Group, from Richfield, PA, comes on a mission work trip. Matt lodges the youth at his cabins, which surprisingly goes without any major issues.

The book ends with another surprise – a successful caribou hunt by the Snader family! This hunt takes place above Fairbanks. Paul Weaver and Gareth Byers were along for the hunt, which was done on four wheeler and ATV’s.

There are many other subjects covered in this book: Matt’s new boat, and Northern Lights, just to mention a few.


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