Under The Juniper Tree


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Hope, the child of faith and desperation. It was all they had left.

Lilly and Everette Sherman have left Harlan County on the run, fleeing from hatred, violence and death. Ahead of them lies West Virginia and the hope of a new life. Perhaps here Everette can work in peace, and they can live without fear. But shadows of the past follow them. Destitution and danger are not so easily left behind, and it is hard to move forward with life while facing old fears and new tensions.

Looking back, it seems to Lilly that her life was easier in Kentucky. Now, Surrounded by strangers, cramped in tiny living quarters, Fearing for Everette’s safety, and desperately homesick, she despairs of ever again finding peace and security. Instead, life becomes difficult in ways she had not imagined. Is there hope in the middle of hardship? Will West Virginia ever be home?

Rich with Appalachian culture and values, this book is a touching portrayal of faith, family, and home; and a triumphant story of hope in disappointment, peace after fear, and love in spite of loneliness.


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