When School Bells Ring


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As the harvest season arrives in this small Mennonite community in Lancaster County, 11 year old Elva looks forward to all that it brings- especially the beginning of a new school year and working with her family to gather the fruits and vegetables from the gardens.

When Elva and her classmates plan a secret ” Food Roll” to bless Teacher, they try their best to hide their giggles but erupt with laughter as Teacher shows her surprise. Then, on the day Elva’s brother finds her struggling with her fifth grade Arithmetic, he suggests the perfect answer to her troubles. The lesson she learns that afternoon have nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with a squirrel hunt. And when the beautiful harvest moon is at its fullest, Elva takes a quiet walk through the rustling cornfieldin hopes of hearing that unforgettable harvest time sound- something she remembers to this very day.


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