Behind the Scenes – Your Fabric Coming to Life

How is new fabric designed and stocked? If you’ve ever wished for a sneak peak at the how your fabric is created, come along as we dive into the behind the scenes!

The creative process often begins with Jayna, the talented artist behind Paint and Palette. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Jayna crafts watercolor designs that capture the beauty she sees, whether it’s her everyday backpack or the vibrant hues of nature.

These designs serve as the foundation for many of our fabric patterns. Inspiration for fabric patterns can come from a variety of sources, including online resources, Jayna’s artistry, and our team’s own creative sparks.

What makes a fabric a “Beth’s Exclusive”? Even though 95% of our fabric is designed in our store, when a fabric is labeled a Beth’s Exclusive, it means that pattern was created solely for our store. Right now, most of those designs come from Paint + Palette by Jayna. `

Once the artwork is digitized, our designers transform it into intricate patterns suitable for fabric printing. This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes, to an hour or more per pattern.

Each designer has their own unique style. Beth loves the girly and nursery prints. Some designers tend to create floral patterns and some like retro!

Want to guess how many patterns we designed? We don’t know an exact number but it’s easily in the thousands.

After we have multiple fabric designs, we order samples! We usually get 20-100 samples at a time.

Now to decide which ones to order! The trendy colors and patterns are constantly changing so its a fun challenge to keep on top of them.

There’s probably over a hundred patterns that we have never gotten printed. We have started to wholesale those prints.

Fabric Delivery! The delivery truck is always a welcome sight.

Fun Fact: the most fabric boxes we’ve gotten at one time is 121 but on average it’s 30.

New shipments come at least twice a month. Sometimes it comes on a bolt; sometimes on a roll!

We currently order from 4 different places! Two directly from overseas and two through U.S. companies.

Our three trusty mannequins serve as models for showcasing the fabric as a dress. We then curate these images into graphics for our Cloudveil group and email distribution.

And then the best part! Seeing the fabric on the shelves; made into dresses; and being enjoyed by you!

What is your favorite color and print of fabric? Let us know in the comments!

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