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This book follows no special diet and has no definite restrictions. Neither does it contain junk food. It is a simple, easy to follow menu plan anyone can use. If you need to follow a special diet insert your own recipe ideas or make changes as needed. Turn this cookbook into a personalized menu planner your family will use for years to come.

Included are recipes for dishes your mom just always knew how to prepare, like Fried Potatoes, Cooked Sweet Corn, or Macaroni, making it a great asset for inexperienced cooks! For those of you who like trying something new, you’ll find plenty ideas as well.

Most of these recipes will feed a family of 6-8 people. If you want less food, halve the recipe, and for larger families you can easily double them.

The prep list shows you preparations that can be done a half a day or so before actually cooking and assembling a dish, helping to avoid late dinners or a last minute rush.


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