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Behind the Scenes – Your Fabric Coming to Life

Behind the Scenes – Your Fabric Coming to Life

How is new fabric designed and stocked? If you’ve ever wished for a sneak peak at the how your fabric is created, come along as we dive into the behind the scenes!

The creative process often begins with Jayna, the talented artist behind Paint and Palette. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Jayna crafts watercolor designs that capture the beauty she sees, whether it’s her everyday backpack or the vibrant hues of nature.

These designs serve as the foundation for many of our fabric patterns. Inspiration for fabric patterns can come from a variety of sources, including online resources, Jayna’s artistry, and our team’s own creative sparks.

What makes a fabric a “Beth’s Exclusive”? Even though 95% of our fabric is designed in our store, when a fabric is labeled a Beth’s Exclusive, it means that pattern was created solely for our store. Right now, most of those designs come from Paint + Palette by Jayna. `

Once the artwork is digitized, our designers transform it into intricate patterns suitable for fabric printing. This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes, to an hour or more per pattern.

Each designer has their own unique style. Beth loves the girly and nursery prints. Some designers tend to create floral patterns and some like retro!

Want to guess how many patterns we designed? We don’t know an exact number but it’s easily in the thousands.

After we have multiple fabric designs, we order samples! We usually get 20-100 samples at a time.

Now to decide which ones to order! The trendy colors and patterns are constantly changing so its a fun challenge to keep on top of them.

There’s probably over a hundred patterns that we have never gotten printed. We have started to wholesale those prints.

Fabric Delivery! The delivery truck is always a welcome sight.

Fun Fact: the most fabric boxes we’ve gotten at one time is 121 but on average it’s 30.

New shipments come at least twice a month. Sometimes it comes on a bolt; sometimes on a roll!

We currently order from 4 different places! Two directly from overseas and two through U.S. companies.

Our three trusty mannequins serve as models for showcasing the fabric as a dress. We then curate these images into graphics for our Cloudveil group and email distribution.

And then the best part! Seeing the fabric on the shelves; made into dresses; and being enjoyed by you!

What is your favorite color and print of fabric? Let us know in the comments!

Let’s DIY!

Let’s DIY!

Are you ready to DIY but need inspiration? Sewing can be a fun and useful hobby but sometimes we need ideas! In this blog, we’ve included project pictures, links to patterns, and some contact info incase you don’t want to attempt to project yourself!

Check out this link for lots of free patterns for some of the projects in this blog and for a few projects not featured!

So grab your scissors, thread, and fabric, and join us on this DIY journey!

Baby blankets

Make adorable, snuggly blankets for your newborn or toddler! DBP, Sweater Knit, Muslin, and Cotton Gauze Fabric all work great for blankets.

For Newborn size use 1yard of fabric. For 3+ months use 1.25 yards. Children or adult blankets – 2 yards.

Want an adorable new blanket without taking the time to sew it! We got you covered! Check out our selection in-store or online!


The hankies pictured below are made with Brushed Poly fabric so it’s easy on little noses! Takes 1/3 yard. Super quick and easy DIY. This project works great for a young girl who wants sewing practice.

PJ shirts

Fun, soft PJ shirts that are sure to be your toddler’s favorite! Need a pattern? Check out this list of PJ pattern options!

Want some custom PJ but don’t want to spend the time to sew them yourself? Esther Mae is willing to sew for you! To order PJ shirts or patterns, call or text 717-847-4180, or email See sizing and style below.

Rompers and Sleepers

For toddlers use yard of fabric. Works best with DBP and poly rib knit fabric.

Want some custom rompers/sleepers but don’t want to spend the time to sew them yourself? Order yours today from Sharon! Contact 223-230-1418 or join her Cloudveil/Telegram Group at this link


Make your baby their own special onesie! Need a pattern? Check out this free onesie pattern printable! Works best with DBP and poly rib knit fabric.

Want some custom onesies but don’t want to spend the time to sew them yourself? Order yours today from Sharon! Contact 223-230-1418 or join her Cloudveil/Telegram Group at this link

Baby Hat

Baby hats are so adorable with knots or pompoms on top! Takes 1/2 yard of fabric. Works best with DBP and poly rib knit fabric. Check out this pattern for knot top baby hats.

Check out all the adorable baby hats we have already stocked!

Car Seat Cover

Need a tutorial for car seat covers? Try this one! Takes approximately 1 yard of fabric.


Make your own unique, one-of-a-kind scrubs!

Nursing Nightgowns

Want some comfortable nursing nightgowns but don’t have time to sew them yourself? Contact Esther Mae ! To order, call or text 717-847-4180, or email Available in 5 sizes. Small-XXL. Modest and comfortable for postpartum. Made with soft and cozy fabric.

Shower Curtains

This shower curtain is made of Opaque Penny Size Swiss Dot fabric.

Window Curtains

These beautiful curtains are made out of Brushed Poly.


Slub knit, rib knit, and DBP can all make beautiful tablecloths! Need tablecloth inspo? Check out our new Tablescape Collection book! It’s full of party ideas, recipes, and pictures!


Slub knit works very well for veils. We also have a selection of ready made veils in the store.


An adorable apron for the little bakers! This one is made of knit Swiss Dot.


Such a cute addition to a little girl’s dress!


Muslin fabric works the best for sweaters.

Biker Shorts, Leggings, and Potty Training Pants

Works well with Rib Knit, DBP, and Waffle Knit fabric.

No time to sew? We carry potty training pants already made in our store!

Hair Bows

These adorable hair bows are made of Linen Fabric!

Want adorable linen bows without putting in the time yourself? Check out Bantik Milli’s adorable handmade hair bows and clips.

Doll Clothes

Adorable tiny clothes! A quick and easy sew. You can even make matching dresses for your girlie and her doll. She will love you!

Want some custom doll clothes but don’t want to spend the time to sew them yourself? Order yours today from Sharon! Contact 223-230-1418 or join her Cloudveil/Telegram Group at this link.

Girl’s Nightgowns

Works well with any soft knit fabric. Want some already made? Check out our collection in-store.


Embroidery is a beautiful way to add beautiful minimalistic detail to a project! Check out our brand new embroidery thread!

Don’t know how to embroider or simply don’t want to spend the time? All of these beautiful designs were embroidered by Lanise Martin. Her contact number is 717-543-1839 and she would love to work at a project for you!

More DIY Projects. Approximate Yardage

Fitted bed sheets

  • Crib sheet-2yd
  • Twin/queen-6yd
  • King-8yd
  • Pillow case-1yd

Small boys shirt

  • Uses-2/3 yd

DIY Project Fabric Collections

We have several fun collections of fabric for DIY projects! Most of these patterned fabrics are one the DBP fabric bases although we do have some on Pointelle Knit, Swiss Dot Knit, Flannel Knit, and Rib Knit as well.

All the DIY Supplies!

Find all the DIY supplies for your next project!

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